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All the classroom tools you love are now in one place ❤ Make random groups of students. Display activity directions. Turn on background music. And there’s so much more to come.

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Classroom Directions App
Random Group Generator
Classroom Music
Classroom Noise Monitor
Think Pair Share
Random Student Selector
Classroom Timer
Morning Meeting App

You are now free to move about the classroom ✈️

Don’t let a desk hold you back. With Dojocast, your phone is your classroom remote. Every tool casts to your classroom computer or smartboard, magically.

Tell us what’s next

Who better to choose the next tool than our amazing teacher community? Share your ideas with our team and let’s make ClassDojo Toolkit better than ever 💯

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Now a (big) part of your ClassDojo app

No need for new accounts, apps, or websites! Find Toolkit in your ClassDojo app — it's on iOS, Android, and any web browser.

Don't have the ClassDojo app yet? Get it now — it's 100% free!

There are so many little things teachers do throughout the day — like divide the class into groups or write up directions. With Toolkit, it's like my phone is a magic wand to create the classroom of my dreams.

— Amanda Haskell, 1st grade teacher

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