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We started by building the simplest way for teachers to encourage students and engage parents

Today, ClassDojo is used by teachers and students in over half a million classrooms across 160 countries. In the United States, teachers in more than 50% of all schools use ClassDojo.

Since ClassDojo started, we’ve helped teachers encourage students over 2 billion times, and engage millions of parents — and we’re just getting started.

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We’re an ambitious, focused team based in San Francisco. We believe small, talented, non-hierarchical teams can achieve a lot. Our culture values empathy, speed, openness, ownership, continuous improvement and creativity. We also value ambitious goals. Transforming every classroom in the world into the classroom of the future is an ambitious goal, and we believe we're going to make it happen. That means we're at the first step of a long journey - and it also means we have no shortage of challenging problems to solve.

ClassDojo is yours to build

Achieving our mission for hundreds of millions of teachers, parents and students is everyone's job here. So is making ClassDojo a special kind of place, one where talented people can do their life's best work. You’ll do incredible work here, and you'll also be expected to build an incredible organization: the kind of place you've always wanted to work.

If this sounds like the kind of journey you'd like to take, we'd love to hear from you.