ClassDojo Learning Series

This ClassDojo Learning Series is designed to support teachers, students and families to work together as a community. Together, we can bring the world’s best learning experiences into classrooms and homes everywhere.

1. Let’s get started 🙌

We’re here to walk you through it all from setting up your class to getting families connected, get excited for your best year yet!
Introduction to ClassDojo + Remote Readiness
Student account tour ​on the app
Student account tour ​on the web
Connecting families ​on the app
Connecting families ​on the web
School Leader setup

2. Communication for your community

Give families a window into their child’s day like never before 🤩 Learn how to message, share announcements, create Events and more!
Communication for your entire school community

3. Getting students in on the fun

Student agency, choice, creativity, we could go on! Connect students to the learning, whether you’re teaching remotely or sharing the learning happening in the classroom home
Learning students ❤ with Portfolios, Activities, and Worksheets
Portfolios basics with student and parent view

4. Caring for students with growth mindset and more!

Explore how you can support the social-emotional well-being of your students with ClassDojo because supporting your students goes beyond the curriculum 🤗
Caring for the whole student
More resources!
Check out even more resources for teachers, students, families and school leaders

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