Kindness Habit 4:

Stretch Your Imagination

Get inspired
by great stories!

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Welcome to the Summer
Kindness Series!

ClassDojo and child development expert Dr. Michele Borba have teamed up to create The Summer Kindness Series for K-6 families!

From June 21 - August 16, we’ll send a weekly email that introduces a new habit and easy ways to practice it at home. Join in anytime as we launch new content every week and share the #SummerKindnessSeries!

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How does the series work?

Together, parents and kids discover the 9 essential habits that work together to unlock empathy and inspire kind action. Every Thursday from June 21 — August 16, we’ll send an email that introduces a new kindness habit to practice. Each weekly update includes research-based tips, ideas and activities to help families build the benefits of kindness, together!

Why is empathy important?

Empathy — the ability to understand and care for others — is at the root of kindness. Kids who tune-in to feelings and want to help others are happier, more successful, and more resilient. Empathy reduces conflicts, builds supportive communities, and motivates kids be kind actors, even when nobody's watching :)

July 19th

Kindness Habit 5:
Keep Your Cool

Learn to manage strong

July 26th

Kindness Habit 6:
Practice Kindness

Actions speak lounder
than words

August 2nd

Kindness Habit 7:
All About Teamwork

Work together towards
a shared goal

August 9th

Kindness Habit 8:
Share Your Voice

Speak out, step in, and
help others

August 16th

Kindness Habit 9:
Be a Kindness Leader

Make a difference for others,
no matter how small

"The more you work at being kind
the kinder you'll be."

- Dr. Michele Borba

*Research and material is sourced and adapted from Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed In Our All-About-Me World.

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