Kindness Habit 3:

Explore New Perspectives

Step into someone
else's shoes

Check it out

What is it?

What do shoes have to do with kindness? We’re glad you asked! When kids “step in someone else’s shoes” they're building a habit called perspective-taking, which helps them understand the thoughts and feelings of others. It’s a bit like putting on a pair of magical explorer boots that lets them see the world in a whole new way! And maybe discover just how alike we all are too :)

Why is it important?

When kids get this kindness habit, their world becomes more exciting and dimensional. Did we also mention magical? It takes a big imagination and creativity to think about someone else's point of view. Plus, when disagreements happen, stepping into this habit is where problem solving starts.

Help kids get the habit

Get a do-over:

Do-overs aren’t just for sports (well the ones we play!). When kids cross the line, ask them to think about how it made others feel, and give them a do-over to start again.


“How about I pretend to be you, and you be Katie?” Switching roles and re-enacting events is not just helpful for future Oscar nominees - it’s great for kids too!

Freeze and Think:

When there is a conflict, have your kids stop, freeze, and think about how each person must be feeling.

Describe their side:

Ever mess up a game of telephone? What'd you say? Us too. It wouldn’t be so hard if you had a clear line :) Help kids develop a super sense by asking them to repeat something back in their own words.


Practice Exploring New Perspectives at home :) These are ideas to inspire new traditions. Did you know when kids are asked to teach it makes ideas more memorable?

Mojo's Neighborhood Master Kit

(It's Incredibly Delightful and Extremely Necessary)

Kindness Creation Challenge

Do you have an idea for a new way to practice Reading Emotions? Adults, submit your family’s ideas for a chance to share it with the world!

Kindness Creation Challenge: Do you have an new idea for how to Practice Kindness? Adults, submit your family’s ideas here for a chance to share it with the world!

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*Research and material is sourced and adapted from Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed In Our All-About-Me World.

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