Introducing student-led portfolios
your kids (and their parents) will love 😄

Students document and share their classwork

Amazingly simple to use for grades K-7

Parents will love your class (even more)

Make this year more delightful
for everyone ✨

A classwork showcase

Students love sharing work with their parents and hearing their encouragement 🤗

One app for all

Teachers, parents, and students use the same free ClassDojo app to be part of the portfolio excitement

Simple organization

Customize folders to work for your class, like "Science" or "Exit tickets"

Teachers are always in control

Teachers must approve items that students
post before they are shared home to parents

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Only a child's parents see work

Parents only see their child's work, making
Portfolios a safe place to get positive
feedback from their teachers and their

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Parents get to see their child's work in the ClassDojo app

Parents can only see their own child's classwork. They can also message with you, and receive all your updates on Class Story.

Just ONE app for parents to get this school year :)

It’s the ultimate bundle for parents - instant messaging, photos and updates from class, and seeing their child's digital portfolio.

100% FREE for teachers, parents, students, principals, puppies, cats, ponies… forever.

Students will say, "Wow — so easy, and so awesome!"

Perfect for 1:1 and shared device classrooms


No need to remember usernames or passwords - students log in by scanning a class QR code


5 ways for students to add classwork.


Once teachers approve student-submitted work, parents get to see, like, and share their love on student work!

Get excited :)

Get ready for student-led, digital portfolios
your kids (and their parents) will love ❤️