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Share positivity with Points!
A quick and easy way to keep track of how you're cheering on students successes to ensure you're reaching ALL your learners.

Hop into your account and select edit class to create your own custom skills to celebrate the successes of unique learners!
Customize your skills in 30 seconds
Teresa Blackman

3rd grade teacher, GA

Points actually make me more mindful of student behaviors.
Patrick Alcala

1st grade teacher, TN

You get a point! You get a point! You get a point! We’re giving points like Oprah here!
Melissa Ramblow

5th grade & ESL teacher, IL

Looking at points and having those conversations I wouldn’t have otherwise, I think it’s made me a better human, not just a better teacher.
Reward points wherever you are!Feedback at your fingertips whether you’re teaching remotely or in-person. Just one tap helps you acknowledge student efforts and celebrate them as a part of your class community.
Reward points wherever you are! image
Align with PBIS and SEL topicsSet consistent expectations across all classrooms, like “Being Proactive,” “Microphone Manners,” and “Growth Mindset.” Then give specific, positive feedback to students.
Align with PBIS and SEL topics image
Points help you growClearly see which skills you’re fostering in students and trends like those you need to check in on. Reports with timestamps and notes support you from IEPs to your own self-reflection.
Points help you grow image
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