ClassDojo Beyond School

An amazing way for families to bring the best of ClassDojo home

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Go above and beyond the classroom with
ClassDojo Beyond School 🙌

Encourage your child in developing amazing skills and habits

Helped their sibling? Persevered with piano lessons? Encourage those moments with feedback points.

Support your child in building important life skills

Explore learning activities that help your child further build character strengths like gratitude and kindness.

Have fun with your child, Mojo, and all his monster friends

Your child can express their creativity by making an avatar to learn alongside their favorite monsters.

Celebrate positive moments at home 🎉

Create feedback points with your child for the habits and skills they want to build. Then, give positive encouragement when you see them in action! This teacher-favorite will be your new superpower.

Support character-building with new learning activities 💡

Give your child a place to use their voice and reflect on topics like kindness and gratitude with Daily Reflections. They can also practice managing their emotions, and do exercises to wake their brain up or calm down before bed with Mojo Mindfulness.

Learn with the monsters your child knows and loves 😍

Your child can be a part of Mojo’s world by making a special at-home avatar with the new monster creator. They’ll love expressing their creativity with the brand-new parts and accessories.

Explore ClassDojo Beyond School with a free trial ✨

Try Beyond School for one week and choose to subscribe after that. It’s completely optional! All the classroom features you know and love in the ClassDojo app will always be free for families, teachers, and students.

Explore ClassDojo Beyond School 🚀

We’re slowly rolling out Beyond School in the ClassDojo app, starting with families in the US with iOS devices. Don’t see it yet? Join the waitlist to get it next.

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