ClassDojo Beyond School

An amazing way for families to bring the magic of ClassDojo home

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If you love ClassDojo at school,
just wait until you bring it home

Give feedback points to encourage behavior

Recognize positive actions like finishing homework, getting ready for bed, and being a kind sibling.

Set specific goals to reach new heights

Decide what you want to work towards and easily give encouragement along the way.

Support creativity with customizable monsters

Let your kid play with the all-new monster creator and show off their unique self.

Celebrate positive moments at home 🎉

Create feedback points with your child for the habits and skills they want to build. Then, give positive encouragement when you see them in action! This teacher-favorite will be your new superpower.

Goooooooooal 🙌

Pick a skill or point total and your child can earn points towards it. The best part about goals? Celebrating when you complete them!

Get creative with the monster creator 🎨

With an all-new set of parts and accessories, the sky’s the limit for your child’s new monster! Let them express themslves with their at-home avatar.

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Try points, goals, and the monster creator free for one week and choose to subscribe after that. It’s completely optional! All the classroom features you know and love in the ClassDojo app will always be free.

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ClassDojo Beyond School is available in your ClassDojo app. Your first 7 days are free!

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