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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Highlights

Last updated: December 30, 2019. You can see past versions of this policy here on Github.

We believe you should always know what data we collect from you and how we use it, and that you should have meaningful control over both. We want to empower users to make the best decisions about the information that they share with us. In fact, we made a short video for students that highlights the most important details in our Privacy Policy that they should know about. We also have a Student Data Protection Addendum, an agreement we enter into with schools, that further describes our duties, responsibilities, and commitments with respect to Student Data that we collect or receive.

This Privacy Policy applies solely to the ClassDojo Services (defined below) and does not apply to the informational website located at (the “ClassDojo Website”). The ClassDojo Website Privacy Policy is located here.

You should read this policy in full, but here are a few key points:

Personal Data We Collect: Please see this page for the detailed categories of personal information we collect from each user type, including the sources from which the information was collected, the business purpose for which the information was collected and the third parties with whom we share or disclose personal information for a business purpose. Additionally, please review this chart for more detail on our mobile app permission and our Online Tracking Technologies Policy. You can also find more details below.

How We Use the Information We Collect: We use the personal information we collect from students (or about students from teachers) to provide and improve the Service, for educational purposes, security, and safety purposes, or as required by law. We will not require children to provide more personal information than is reasonably necessary in order to participate in the Service. See here for more information on our use of information collected from students, and children using the service not connected to a school (“Outside School Child User”), and here for additional information on our use of information collected from teachers, parents, and school leaders.

Data Retention: We will not retain student personal information for any longer than is necessary for educational purposes and legal obligations, or to provide the Service for which we receive or collect the student personal information. Additionally, we protect students with our industry-leading 3-Tier Student Data Protection Policy: (1) we collect only minimal information from students necessary to register for the Service, (2) we automatically delete their feedback points awarded in school after a year, and (3) we delete Students’ Accounts if they’re inactive for more than twelve months. Note, however, some content within a Student Account will be kept after deletion of the account for school legal compliance reasons (e.g., maintenance of “education records” under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or “Student Data” under state student privacy laws) and will not be deleted until we receive direction from the school. We store non-student user personal information, including content uploaded by Outside School Child Users, for as long as it is necessary to provide products and Service to you and others. For non-student users (as well as Outside School Child Users), personal information associated with your account will be kept until your account is deleted or until we no longer need the data to provide the Service, whichever occurs first. Note, however, that some content uploaded by a teacher, school leader, or parent may also be kept after the deletion of the account for school legal compliance reasons (e.g., maintenance of “education records” under FERPA or “Student Data” under state student privacy laws) and will not be deleted until we receive direction from the school. See here for more details.

What Student Information is Shown Publicly? No student’s account, or Outside School Child User’s account (“Outside School Child Account”), profile, or portfolio is made available or visible to the public through ClassDojo. Only the student, the student’s parents, and the student’s teachers or school leaders can see the student’s (or Outside School Child User’s) profile and portfolio. No child can upload content (such as a response to an activity, photo, video, drawing, journal entry, or document) to the Service on Portfolios except through their account. This can’t happen for children without either (1) the parent providing parental consent directly to ClassDojo or (2) the child’s teacher representing to ClassDojo that they have obtained any necessary parental consent, including acting as the agent of the parent if their school policy allows. Additionally, the student’s teacher must approve any post made by students in their Student Account (as defined below), before it is shared with parents on the student’s portfolio. Parents are able to view their own child’s portfolio, including any Portfolio Comments (as defined below), on their own parent account after the teacher has approved the student-submitted content. Parents may see feedback points awarded in school if the teacher has elected to let parents see these. Parents may also award points, goals and rewards for educational and other learning activities at home through certain premium features, such as ClassDojo Plus “Premium Features” that are only viewable by the child and the child’s parent(s), or those that the parent allows access to.

Class Story and School Story are visible by students, teachers, parents, and school leaders who have logged into their accounts and are associated with that particular class or school. They are not viewable by the general public. Parents, teachers and school leaders can add content or comments to these stories, but students can only view or like content on these stories and are only able to do this once either the school or ClassDojo has obtained parental consent, if under 13. If any user needs to report any abuse or inappropriate content on a Class Story or School Story that has not been addressed by the connected teacher or school, they may do so by emailing at Teachers may share their classes, including feedback points, Portfolios, and Class Story, with other teachers or school leaders in their school. Content uploaded or feedback points awarded within Premium Features is viewable only by the parent and the children accessing such Premium Features on the parent’s device or the child’s device; the content is not viewable by the child’s teacher or other students. Please see here for more details.

We Never Sell Personal Information: We will never sell or rent your personal information or non-personal information. We will only share or disclose personal information with a limited set of third-party service providers necessary to provide or develop our Services (such as database hosting) or as required by law, and we will be transparent about who these service providers are. We will contractually require that these service providers process personal information in accordance with our inssctions and consistent with this Privacy Policy and ensure that these service providers employ reasonable and comprehensive data protection and security protocols. See here for more details. Additionally, we make very clear commitments (consistent with our obligations under the Student Privacy Pledge) regarding how we handle data in the event of a change to our organization (such as merger) where personal information that we have collected from users would be one of the assets transferred or acquired. Consistent with the Student Privacy Pledge and applicable state and federal laws, in connection with such a change to our organization, this Privacy Policy will continue to apply to your information, and any acquirer would only be able to handle your personal information as per this Privacy Policy (unless you give consent to a new policy). Please see here for more details.

You own your data: We don’t own any content or information you provide or we receive - you (students, parents and/or schools) will own your content and information.

Security and Privacy by Design and Default: We use security industry best practices to protect personal information, including using encryption and other security safeguards to protect personal information. We design products with security and privacy in mind from day one. See here for more information as well as our Security Whitepaper and Privacy Center.

Transparency and Choice: We will be transparent about our practices, so that you can make meaningful choices about how your personal information is used. If we make a material change, we will provide prominent notice by posting a notice on our service or this website page and/or we will notify you by email (if you have provided an email address to us). See here for more information.

Right to Access, Correction, and Deletion of Data: We support access to, correction, and deletion of student personal information by the student or their parent or legal guardian, either by 1) assisting the school in meeting its requirements for access, correction and deletion or by responding to requests we receive from schools, or 2) directly responding to requests from parents when the information is collected directly from a child and ClassDojo obtains the parent consent (not the school) - such as when they are using our Premium Features or Outside School Child Account. Teachers, parents, school leaders and other users can contact us at from the email used to create your account or here once you are signed into your account to access, correct or update their personal information, or they can use the features in their account settings to do so. See here for more information on all user’s rights, including about your additional rights of data portability and right to object or withdrawal consent.

ClassDojo Privacy Policy

Last updated: December 30, 2019

ClassDojo’s mission is to give teachers, school leaders, parents, and students the power to create incredible classrooms. We’re humbled that millions of people like you trust ClassDojo to do that every day. Keeping this trust through your privacy and safety is incredibly important to us.

This Privacy Policy explains:

  • What information ClassDojo collects from you (and why we collect it),
  • How we use and share that information,
  • The choices and rights you have, including how to access, update, delete your information, and take your information out of ClassDojo.

This policy applies to all products and services offered by ClassDojo, Inc. (“ClassDojo,” “we,” “us,” “our,” and our subsidiaries or affiliates). This Privacy Policy applies solely to the ClassDojo Services (defined below) and does not apply to the informational website located at (the “ClassDojo Website”). The ClassDojo Website Privacy Policy is located here. ClassDojo may be acting as both a Controller and a Processor as those terms are defined under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). For more information, please see below.

Our Privacy Policy is designed to provide transparency into our privacy practices and principles. We’ve done our best to write this policy in simple, clear terms, but if you’re not familiar with terms like personal information, cookies, IP address, pixel tags and browsers, then read about these key terms. For students, we have a short video that highlights the most important details in our Privacy Policy that they should know about. We’ve also added summaries below each section that provide short explanations of the legal language in plain English (it starts with ‘Basically...’) to aid in understanding, but it isn’t legally binding.

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