Ajude cada criança a obter uma educação que elas amem

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Our Mission

To bring communities together, and help them create an education experience their children love

This mission speaks to serving the people doing the work. We’re not product-centric, design-centric, competitor-centric or engineering-centric — we’re customer-centric. This means we start with teachers, children and families, and work hard to serve them. Today, ClassDojo serves tens of millions of children in over 180 countries, and we're growing fast.


Our customer-centric culture values both empathy and results. We’ve built a culture that emphasizes sharing context over control; emphatic candor over harmony; results over efforts; finishing over starting; holistic ownership over narrow specialization; learning over certainty and continuous improvement over continuous production. We think small teams are more effective and more efficient, and that they can pull off a surprising amount.

The Impact

From day one, ClassDojo’s growth has been 100% organic, fueled entirely by word of mouth to tens of millions of users. Today ClassDojo reaches 95% of US schools and 1 in 6 US families with a child in primary school uses ClassDojo every day. ClassDojo has grown to a further 180 countries, making it one of the first global consumer brands in education. There’s lots left to do to help every child get an education they love and we’re just getting started.

O que diz a nossa equipe

Urjit Singjh

Engenheiro de Software

"ClassDojo has given me the opportunity to identify and tackle a range of problems from scaling distributed systems to optimizing user experiences. It is an exciting journey to improve education with products that users love."

Jenna Kleine

Gestor de Produto

"Working on an important mission that is near to my heart with the most talented, creative, and collaborative teammates is simply the best."

Emi Wang

Diretor de Ciência de Dados

"I get to work in a supportive, cross-functional team to further a great mission that reaches millions of teachers, students, and parents."