ClassDojo helps teachers build amazing classroom communities with students and parents

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Create a positive culture

Give students positive feedback for any skill, like ‘Working Hard’ and ‘Being Respectful’

Give students a voice

Students can show off their classwork by adding photos and videos to their own digital portfolio

Share moments with parents

Get parents involved by sharing photos and videos of wonderful classroom moments

Create a positive classroom culture

Help students grow by giving regular, positive feedback in class and on their personal, digital portfolio

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Give a digital high-five

A shy student is raising her hand? Give a +1 for ‘Participating!’ Let students know when they are on the right track so they keep going.

Encourage classroom and school values

Bring skills like the Three Be’s, PBIS, or Leader in Me right into your classroom — ClassDojo is fully customizable

Give students a voice

Students can post photos and videos of classwork like poems, speeches, and artwork to their own Student Stories

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Share moments with families

Instantly share photos, videos and announcements on Class Story, or privately message any parent without sharing contact details

Share the story of your classroom 🎉

Parents stay connected through photos, videos, and updates from class.

Any language, any device 🌎

Parents can translate all posts into their preferred language using any smartphone - with just a tap!

Instant, private messaging 💬

Teachers and parents can privately message each other — no need to exchange phone numbers

Bring your school community together

Teachers, school leaders and other school staff can work as a team on ClassDojo.

Learn about going schoolwide!

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