The New Student Stories!

Student-led, digital portfolios your kids will love 😄


What's new?

Easy access

No need to remember usernames or passwords - students can log in instantly by scanning their secure class QR code

Any device

iOS, Android, and Chromebooks: we’ve got you covered!

App smash

Upload photos and videos from other apps, either directly or from your camera roll

Record and upload videos

Share videos up to 8 minutes in length or upload saved ones from other apps

Draw and annotate on photos

Students can add more context to entries with drawn or typed comments

Journal entries

An easy way for students to write and reflect on their work


When words fall short, students can let their inner artist shine!

Filters, frames, and stickers

Students can add a dash of fun to their posts, creating portfolios as unique as they are

Voice notes

Students too young to type? All they have to do is speak into their device and add a voice note to their work

This year, do it all with ClassDojo!

Student portfolios

Student-led, digital portfolios for the classroom and home

Social emotional learning

Activities and videos to teach your students social emotional skills

Home - school communication

Instant communication with parents: photos, videos, messages

Positive feedback

Engaging ways to create positive classrooms and schools

School-wide sharing

Bring your school community together with school wide announcements, class sharing, and school leader accounts

And much more!

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The New Student Stories
is here!

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