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Find out how we protect our community of teachers, parents and students

A note from ClassDojo's founders

In ClassDojo’s first week in 2011, we were really excited to see 80 teachers use ClassDojo in their classrooms (you know who you are!). Today, we're humbled to see how this community has grown to millions more in over 180 countries. Teachers, parents, and students everywhere use ClassDojo to build stronger relationships with each other. This is the heart of our mission.

Of course, these relationships require trust. That's why every ClassDojo product is designed with privacy and security first. This Privacy Center aims to provide even more transparency and peace of mind over how ClassDojo protects your privacy and security, and gives you control.

Our practices all come from a fundamental belief in doing what’s right for our community. That's why we’ve created some of the friendliest, safest, and most transparent policies in education. We clearly state what information we receive from you, what we do with it, and show you how to change or delete it. We’ve committed to never selling or renting your data to anyone, including to advertisers. We don't build 'records' to pass on or sell. And, we don’t keep student information we don’t need: after some time, it expires and is deleted. Read on to find out more!

We’re honored that tens of millions of you trust ClassDojo to be a part of your lives every day. Your trust means everything to us. We promise we'll always work as hard as we can to earn and keep it.

- Sam and Liam

"A clear and transparent privacy policy is essential to build trust with parents, teachers, and students. ClassDojo's Privacy Center demonstrates that, with hard work and smart thinking, it is possible to make privacy practices easy to understand."

Jules Polonetsky, Executive Director/Co-chair of Future of Privacy Forum

Built with privacy by design

FERPA compliance (?)

ClassDojo's practices fully support a school's FERPA requirements and have earned a FERPA seal from iKeepSafe, an experienced privacy protection organization.
Download FERPA compliance primer

COPPA compliance (?)

ClassDojo is fully COPPA-compliant. Children under 13 must obtain parental consent before creating their own account, or a parent or teacher must create their account on their behalf (Visit our FAQs). ClassDojo's practices are regularly reviewed and approved for compliance with iKeepSafe's COPPA Safe Harbor program.

Limited information (?)

ClassDojo collects only the minimal amount of information about students needed to provide the service: often just a name. We don’t need or ask for anything else, such as gender, social security number, email, address, or student ID.

Privacy by design (?)

ClassDojo follows the seven principles of privacy by design, working with leading privacy experts at every point of our product development process. Read about our approach →

"I know I’m always in control of my child’s information with ClassDojo."

Tessa, a parent in California

Teachers, parents, and students are always in control

Your information is yours

ClassDojo never sells or rents your information to anyone - especially not to advertisers. We’ve committed to this in our Privacy Policy here.

Full oversight and control

Teachers, parents, and students can access, modify and delete their information whenever they want to, as we say in our Privacy Policy. They are also free to choose to discontinue use of ClassDojo anytime.

12-month deletion policy

If students and parents are no longer using ClassDojo, we delete student personal information automatically after 12 months. This ensures that no personal information about students exist without parental control, as written in our privacy policy here.

"ClassDojo has been incredible for my school, our students and our parents - so I'm glad to see they go to such great lengths to keep ClassDojo safe and secure!"

Natalia, 4th grade teacher

Industry-leading security standards protect our community

Network security (?)

ClassDojo ensures security at the network level using SPI firewalls, hardened bastion hosts and end-to-end 2048-bit TLS/SSL encryption across all our networks.

Infosec governance (?)

ClassDojo enforces regular security and privacy training for employees, and employs very strict policies, access controls and auditing around internal access to our systems.

Application security (?)

ClassDojo follows published secure application coding practices, verified by an exhaustive suite of automated tests, as well as regular code reviews and testing by independent researchers.

Rigorous audits (?)

Extensive third-party audits by world-class firms like the NCC group ensure we are constantly putting ClassDojo systems and protocols under extreme, unbiased scrutiny.

Our Privacy Advisors

Jill, Founder and Principal of Nissen Consulting, advises ClassDojo on all privacy-related matters, providing guidance on global privacy and online safety matters and acts as a liaison to consumer privacy and online safety organizations. Jill comes from an extensive background in consumer privacy, working in Washington DC and Silicon Valley, helping to shape important privacy and safety issues for Internet companies.

Jill previously served as VP, and Chief Policy Officer at Ning, and more recently as Acting CPO of Gigya. Jill also worked as a Senior Associate at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati where her practice focused on privacy, intellectual property, licensing and commercial transactions. Because of her expertise, Jill has been personally tapped by industry, NGO’s and government to participate in various roundtables, government reviews and high level policy groups, including being appointed in 2009 as one of 30 experts to serve a 15-month term to the Online Safety and Technology Working Group (OSTWG) established by Congress. Jill is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Anne advises ClassDojo on privacy matters, especially as they relate to family engagement. She is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit Net Family News, Inc., and editor of, and was the co-founder and co-director of

In 2009-2010, Anne served as co-chair of the Obama administration’s Online Safety & Technology Working Group, and she currently serves on Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board and on the advisory board of the London- and Washington-based Family Online Safety Institute.

Lisa is a Partner at Torkin Manes. Based in Canada, she leads the firm's Technology, Privacy & Data Management Group.

Practicing in the area of privacy and information management, she advises ClassDojo on Canadian privacy requirements.

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