Introducing: ClassDojo Groups

Effortless teamwork in any classroom

Teachers know how important teamwork can be in the classroom. So, we're excited to introduce ClassDojo Groups: a way for teachers to create groups of students, and encourage them as they work together. Effortless teamwork in any classroom: we hope you love it :)

- The ClassDojo Team

Groups makes teamwork beautifully simple

Create groups, tables, teams and more

Set up groups that work for your classroom: tables, project teams, reading groups, houses or anything else! Students can even be in multiple groups.

Effortlessly award groups

Easily encourage your groups for any skill - and effortlessly share group points with parents, too.

Syncs across all your devices

Groups magically sync across all your devices: smartboards, computers, tablets and phones. Get delightfully simple teamwork, wherever you go!

How teachers are using ClassDojo Groups

  • Table points

    We build our classroom culture around table groups, changing seating arrangements weekly to keep things fresh. I award table points for participation so that teamwork is the focus from Monday at 9am until Friday at 3pm!

    Dalida, Science teacher

  • Project groups

    Class projects are my favorite way to teach the basics of research, working together, and responsibility. During class, I use Groups to give group points to project teams for staying on task, helping each other and demonstrating leadership skills.

    Natalia, 4th grade

  • Reading groups

    Reading time is a wonderful 30 minute period where students divide into groups and read a book of their choosing. Reading groups help students develop comprehension skills much faster, so I award group points for showing enthusiasm and commitment.

    Robert, 2nd grade