Mindfulness Jars

A Mindfulness Jar can be used in times of heightened emotions of any kind! Watch the video for instructions!

Activity Type: Craft & Create
Play Time: 30 min

Keep Your Cool


Breathe In, Breathe Out

This activity is a week long challenge to try seven diferent breathing techniques!

Activity Type: Family Time
Play Time: 5 min a day!

Kindness Habit 5:

Keep Your Cool

Manage strong emotions

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What is it?

When temperatures reach epic highs, chances are you turn up the air conditioning or pour yourself an icy drink. For kids, strong emotions can feel just as overwhelming and uncomfortable as a hot summer day. The good news is they can beat the emotional heat by learning calming techniques! Feeling cooler already?

Why is it important?

One of the most important elements of empathy is recognizing your own emotions and knowing what to do about them. For kids, emotions can sometimes come in too hot and be hard to manage. When kids learn how to keep their cool, they’re better able to consider other perspectives. So let’s get that inner air conditioning going! Everyone likes a cool breeze :)

Help kids get the habit

Model calmness:

Feeling overwhelmed yourself? Practice calming strategies in front of your child while narrating the steps you’re taking. It will help them develop their own process!

Create a quiet zone:

Make a safe and cozy space in your home to calm down when emotions run hot. Remember, the quiet zone is a place of positivity, not punishment!

Just breathe:

There are many fantastic breathing techniques that can be used in any situation or place. Buddy Breathing, Belly Breathing, and blowing out the “candles” on each of your fingertips are wonderful techniques to practice.

Get to know your strategies:

Everyone calms down in unique ways. Talk about the different techniques everyone in your family uses so you can support each other when it’s needed.


Practice Keeping Your Cool at home :) These are ideas to inspire new traditions. Did you know when kids are asked to teach it makes ideas more memorable?

Kindness Creation Challenge: Do you have an idea for a new way to Keep Your Cool? Adults, submit your family’s ideas here for a chance to share it with the world!

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*Research and material is sourced and adapted from Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed In Our All-About-Me World.

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