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Overcoming Student Apathy

Story from Phylecia Palmer

Phylecia battles one of the toughest opponents of education — a lack of student desire to learn.

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Finding Joy with Robots and Monsters

Mark Danley, a former member of the Army National Guard, uses a laid back, more flexible approach in the classroom.

5th Grade Teacher, Lincoln, Nebraska

Remembering to Celebrate the Wins

Michael Olson shares how he creates 'Dojo Magic' in his reading classrooms.

5th Grade Teacher, Rochester, Minnesota

A Lifelong Teacher's Key to Classroom Success

Candice, a teacher for nearly two decades, explains how to to help students reach their full potential.

Teacher consultant, New Brunswick, Canada

Communicating with Parents - Over 400 of Them!

Linda, a music teacher in Kansas, shares her story on making life easier by building relationships with parents.

Music Teacher, Olathe, Kansas

Bringing Good Behavior Home

Chris tackles disciplinary issues in her classroom of students with learning differences.

Special Education Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona

Helping Students Set Individual and Shared Goals

Carla creates an environment where every student wants to perform their best - for themselves and for their friends.

5th Grade Teacher, Renton, Washington

Connecting with Students from Different Backgrounds in Detroit

Story from Aaron Malburg

Aaron shares how he connected with a classroom of students from a very different cultural background.

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How a Slacker Became a Star

Cecily shares how one student did a 180 degree change by using a more positive approach.

ESL Teacher, Shanghai, China

Squeezing in Time for Personal Growth

Audrey transformed her classroom through positive feedback, encouragement, and social dynamics.

5th Grade Teacher, Little Elm, Texas

Using ClassDojo as a Bridge Between Communities

Committed to better the lives of others, Tasia learns to connect with her students by focusing on their specific needs.

English Teacher, Waukegan, Illinois

12 Countries, 1 Classroom!

Megan constantly battles language and cultural barriers, but uses ClassDojo to find a common language with her students.

ESL Teacher, Syracuse, NY

Using Positivity to Help Students Escape Negative Environments

Michael gives his students every reason, including a fancy dinner, to be driven in school.

5th Grade Teacher, Rochester, New York

Helping Kids Keep Moving up the Mountain

Tucked away in the Catskill Mountains, Greg encourages all his students to find their own path in life.

3rd Grade Teacher, Hunter, New York

A Melting Pot of Motivation

Story from Marie Perone

Marie was looking for ways to ensure her students spoke English while in class, as well as finishing homework on time and paying attention.

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Paving the Way in Zimbabwe

Margie shares how she's able to use the latest and greatest tools in her home town of Bulawayo.

English Teacher, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

An Army Reservist and His Students

Jordan shares his views on mentoring alongside teaching, and helping students turn into great people.

High School Algebra I Teacher, Miami, Florida

Seeing and Making a Difference

Dedicating herself to make a difference in others' lives, Lindsey finds ways to reach students at any level.

2nd and 3rd Grade Teacher, Orlando, Florida

Creating a ‘Safe' Space with ClassDojo

Chris leverages ClassDojo to effectively and simply focus his students on the task at hand.

9th Grade Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

The Method of Ongoing and Regular Feedback

Even with a class of only five students, Rinat must ensure that all of her students are focused, paying attention, and excited to participate.

Learning language specialist, New York, NY

Tapping into 6th Graders Motivations

James uses ClassDojo to keep things positive in his 6th grade classroom, and playing off their competitiveness.

6th Grade Teacher, Manorville, NY

Prioritizing the Right Behaviors

Story from Noreen O'Hagan

Noreen was looking for a way to keep her very large class all on task - and has been able to do that with ease using ClassDojo.

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Overcoming ADHD Inside the Classroom

Kelly uses ClassDojo to ensure both she and her students are focused on the task at hand.

AP English Teacher, New York, NY

Connecting with Special Needs Students

Michelle always explores new ways to inspire her students.

Special Education Teacher, New York, NY

Shining Light inside the Tunnel

Jaclyn's students often have struggles at home, and having them be present in the classroom was never easy.

2nd Grade Teacher, Rochester, NY

A Path of Reinvention

Brian shares his story on always looking findings more effective ways to educate and mentor others.

1st Grade Teacher, Akron, Ohio

Enlisting a Student Monitor

Kristen uses ClassDojo when students are most likely to become distracted — after recess!

3rd Grade Teacher, New York, NY

A 29-year Veteran Teacher Finds New Inspiration

Delphine shares how ClassDojo reformed the way she engages and observes classroom dynamics.

Kindergarten Teacher, New York, NY

Teaching Independence and Responsibility in Math Class

Story from Sarah Smith

Sarah, a 3rd grade teacher, shares a story on providing independence and responsibility to her students.

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Breaking the Mold

Sarah’s classroom emphasizes self-expression and flexibility for everyone — herself included!

5th Grade Teacher, Barnegat, New Jersey