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We started by building the simplest way for teachers
to encourage students and engage parents

Today, ClassDojo is used by teachers and students in over half a million classrooms across 160 countries. In the United States, teachers in more than 50% of all schools use ClassDojo.

Since ClassDojo started, we’ve helped teachers encourage students over 2 billion times and engage millions of parents — and we’re just getting started.

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This is your company to build.

We’re a small team based in San Francisco, each of us responsible for millions of users. There’s little in way of formal hierarchy here, and no shortage of challenging problems to solve. You’ll join a focused team, working together on a product that teachers, parents, and students love and use every day.

We believe that building a product people love is everybody’s job — and so is making ClassDojo a great place to work. You’ll not only be responsible for getting things done, but also for defining our product direction and our culture.