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NEW! Decoration Pack

Free printable materials! In this pack you'll find free customizable certificates, posters, stationery, and even hall passes! Over 30 free images for you to use anywhere!

Happy decorating :)

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Handout (One Page)

A handout explaining ClassDojo that you can email, print, put in mailboxes, or hand out at training sessions.

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Handout (Two Pages)

Same content as the one page handout (but with more pictures) that you can email, print, put in mailboxes, or hand out at training sessions.

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Introduce ClassDojo to other teachers or administrators with this interactive presentation. Stream online or download it as a Powerpoint.


A ClassDojo poster you can hang up in your school staff room.

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Training Pack

Everything you need to explain ClassDojo to teachers or administrators at your next professional development session. Included are handouts, a presentation, a training agenda, and even a sample training announcement email.

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ClassDojo Letters for Parents

A letter you can send home to parents to explain ClassDojo and collect email addresses so you can send ClassDojo reports home on Fridays!

ClassDojo Image Pack

A collection of some ClassDojo illustrations, Mojo, and the ClassDojo logo for use in your blog or in emails.

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Student Introduction Video

Introduce ClassDojo to your students using this video.

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