ClassDojo Schoolwide

Bring your school community together

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A supportive community through each classroom, hallway, and tetherball court

Students have the support they need across all of their classes, no matter which teachers they are working with.

Teachers have a central way to communicate with parents

Continue the support at home by effortlessly sharing photos, videos, or private messages.

Watch one family’s story:

We love ClassDojo — It revolutionized the way we communicate with families and celebrate school values.

Principal Christine Swanson, Michigan

Create a space where students
feel a sense of ownership...

…and getting started has never been easier :)

Going Schoolwide Checklist

1. Talk to your principal

Share this video with your Principal to show how amazing ClassDojo Schools are!

2. Share with colleagues

Organize a ClassDojo training session at your next staff meeting. Grab the presentation.

3. Set up your school!

A simple step-by-step schoolwide guide to help your school get set up.

Need a hand going Schoolwide?

We’re here for you - please reach out with any questions or feedback :)

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