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Growth Mindset

Intelligence isn't static. You can build it by actually working out your brain, just like a muscle.

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Anything worth achieving will take lots of effort, and the ability to power through obstacles along the way.

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Deeply understanding people, their situations, and how to help them is a learned skill just like addition or subtraction.

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In addition to creating an inviting atmosphere, kindness improves one's sense of belonging and self-esteem.


Creating strong, positive relationships between people (especially children) starts with mutual respect.


Taking a few minutes every day to practice mindfulness reduces stress and improves concentration.


Knowing how something relates to life outside school can improve one's retention of knowledge and desire to learn.


In addition to encouraging people to take an active role in their own education, curiosity enables open-mindedness and creativity.

Social Awareness

Recognizing the different emotions people might feel helps one understand and address any situation.


Integrity forms the basis for strong character, a classroom culture, and a values-based society.


Most work in life is done with others, and learning how to be a part of high-functioning teams can be learned at an early age.

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SEL boosts academics

According to university research, students who participated in evidence-based SEL programs improved their academic scores by 11 percentage points compared to students who did not participate in SEL education.

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Produced with top researchers

ClassDojo works with education and psychology researchers at top universities, like Harvard and Stanford, to create the best SEL curriculum in the world. Teachers and and parents can be sure that students are learning the skills that are proven to lead to academic and lifelong success.

"Teaching kids to count is fine.
 But teaching them what counts is best."

Bob Talbert