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The World's Largest Mindful Moment

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The World's Largest Mindful Moment 😊

Your journey to mindfulness starts here! A 15-minute lesson to learn the basics of breathing and becoming mindful.

Mindful Breathing 🌬️

Mojo feels some powerful emotions when Bruce takes the last slice of pizza in the school cafeteria. Can mindful breathing help?

Focused Feet 👣

Bruce’s nerves are about to make him strike out in a baseball game. Can focusing on his feet help?

Mindful Listening 👂

Mojo wants his class to win the schoolwide read-a-thon but his mind keeps wandering. Can mindful listening help?

Body Scan 😊

Katie knows all the answers to a quiz, but her nerves are making her forget. Can a mindful body scan help?

Mindful Countdown 🐑

Mojo has been asked to read the morning announcements, but his heart is pounding from worry. Can a mindful countdown help?

Wall of Mindful Moments

See how other classrooms have made mindfulness a part of their daily routine by checking out #MindfulMoment2019 on social media

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Benefits of Mindfulness

Benefits of Mindfulness

Just a few minutes per day reduces children’s anxiety levels, increases their ability to feel empathy for others, and benefits learning.

We interviewed 2,500 teachers:

  • 70% said mindfulness helped make their students calmer
  • 50% said mindfulness decreased student anxiety
  • 50% said mindfulness made students happier!

Mindfulness Resources

Find extra mindfulness activities at our Big Ideas page!


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Mindfulness classroom decorations

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The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

“When students practice mindfulness, they’re more at ease and are more focused and compassionate in the classroom and in life. My hope is that our participation in A Mindful Moment will introduce millions more teachers and students around the world to the transformative benefits of this important practice.”

- Marc Brackett, Director Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and author of Permission To Feel

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Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma

“It’s so important for young children to be able to speak openly about how they are feeling and to learn about their mind and emotional regulation. A Mindful Moment will help children learn a life skill and also help our charity fund programmes, including mindfulness, for young people, their families, and their educators.”

- Jonny Benjamin, Founder and Chair Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma

If you’re a teacher in the UK, learn more about how to get involved and raise money for our UK charity partner!

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