Crazy world, calm home:
Beyond School makes it possible

Help your kids build healthy habits the fun way with ClassDojo Home Points


“My kids literally hop out of bed, make their bed, get dressed, brush their teeth, and feed their pets with enthusiasm for earning ClassDojo points.”

From chaos to calm with home points
ClassDojo Home Points are a fun and easy way for families to turn challenges into joyful moments. Watch your kids light up when you recognize their positive actions. Customize skills like finishing homework, getting ready for bed, and keeping up with reading goals unique to your kid.
How to encourage positive behavior at home

Set Expectations ✍️
Review ClassDojo Points together and let your child know how they can earn those points. Pick fun rewards your kids can redeem for hitting goals.

Build Excitement 🎁
Level up! When children get to tap the point they earn, they’ll be even more excited by their progress. Set reminders to assign Points throughout each day.

Celebrate achievements 🎉
No milestone is too big or small to celebrate! Invite other family members to your Beyond account to show off your child’s amazing progress.
Explore ClassDojo Beyond School today!
ClassDojo Beyond School is available in your ClassDojo app. You can use a limited number of points for free or get unlimited points with a 7 day free trial!
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