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Reading & Writing Mathematics Big Ideas

The Mojo Show | Growth Mindset | Chapter 1

Play the video to introduce your kids to growth mindset (the idea that your brain is like a muscle). Then use the discussion guide!

Download discussion guide


Jo Boaler I LOVE these videos and the discussion. The “power of yet” has been awesome. I have heard several students say, “I can’t do this…YET” and then smile.


Margie Drury My students LOVE the Mojo videos! They are very powerful, even with my 6th graders. We have paired them with our school’s Habits of Scholarship learning targets, and my students are now inspired to monitor and improve their progress! I hope y’all keep them coming!


Tere Volonino Kelly Since the videos…my test grades have skyrocketed. My last math test average was a 90 for the class. They have been exercising their minds like crazy!