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Your journey to mindfulness starts here!

Join millions of classrooms around the world who’ve made mindfulness a part of their classroom community


A ClassDojo Big Ideas series on mindfulness

Short, 15-minute lessons will help your students focus, handle powerful emotions, and become amazing classroom citizens ✨

The World's Largest Mindful Moment

Join Caitlin for a 15-minute mindfulness lesson!

A week's worth of mindfulness

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Mindful Moment

Mindful Breathing

Focused Feet

Mindful Listening

Body Scan

Mindful Countdown

The World's Largest Mindful Moment 😊

Your journey to mindfulness starts here! A 15-minute lesson to learn the basics of breathing and becoming mindful.


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Find extra mindfulness resources at our Big Ideas page!

Benefits of Mindfulness

Just a few minutes per day reduces children’s anxiety levels, increases their ability to feel empathy for others, and benefits learning.

We interviewed 2,500 teachers:

  • 70% said mindfulness helped make their students calmer
  • 50% said mindfulness decreased student anxiety
  • 50% said mindfulness made students happier!

Mindfulness Resources

Find extra mindfulness activities at our Big Ideas page!

Wall of Mindful Moments

Post a picture with #mindfulmoment2019 on any social media and get on our golbal mindful moment wall


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