About Us

ClassDojo is on a mission to bring communities together and give them the tools, ideas, and energy to improve education for all kids

With ClassDojo, we’re finally able to do the work that inspired us to become teachers in the first place. We have BIG dreams for our students and ourselves. And for the first time, I feel like I’m making them happen.

Stephanie Smith, 4th grade teacher in Tennessee

ClassDojo's Mission

To bring communities together and give them the tools, ideas, and energy to improve education for all kids.

At ClassDojo, we want to transform education for every kid in the world. To do this – and do it soon – we have a simple plan: connect teachers, parents, and students in every classroom, and work with them every day to bring the best ideas into their classrooms.

It's not about creating an “ideal” classroom, a one-size-fits-all model that everyone must fit, because there's no such thing. Instead, we believe that teachers, parents and students should have the power to create an incredible classroom that is best for them. And, we believe that when you give good people simple ways to do the right things, amazing things will happen.

That's how we believe we can transform education. Together. By helping every teacher, parent, and student in the world create an incredible classroom all their own.

What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a school communication platform that teachers, students, and families use every day to build close-knit communities by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom home through photos, videos, and messages.

ClassDojo is so cool! There are so many things we learn and do at school that we wish our parents could see, and now they can! Teachers, students and our parents all work together to make our time in school worth every minute.

TEDx talk by Brianna, 4th grade student in Washington

Fast facts

  • Actively used in 95% of all K-8 schools in the U.S. and 180 countries
  • 15 million children have learned about Growth Mindset and Empathy with ClassDojo, see the videos here
  • All messages can be translated into 35 languages automatically
  • Teachers translate 270,000 messages every week in the U.S.
  • Series B funding in 2015

ClassDojo has made me feel more connected to my daughter’s classroom than ever before. I really feel like her teacher and I are part of a team!

Clarissa Miles, parent in Tennessee

Product overview


Classroom is where teachers and students build their classroom culture. They choose skills and values – things like creativity or teamwork – and share feedback on progress with each other. Classroom is the simplest way for teachers and students to build an incredible classroom culture together.


Messages allow teachers, parents, and school leaders to instantly message each other, without needing to share phone numbers or contact details. Messages can be translated into 35 different languages, and "Quiet Hours" lets teachers set away times so parents know when they are not available.


Stories are instantly updating streams of pictures and videos from the school day. Every class, school, and student has their own Story, all of which are shared home with parents. School Story helps school leaders to share with all families connected to their school, Class Story helps teachers to share with all families connected to their class, and Student Stories helps students to create their own story: a timeline – or portfolio – of what they've learned.

Original Content: Big Ideas

ClassDojo Big Ideas gives teachers and parents simple ways to access original content that helps students learn about important concepts and social-emotional skills. The original video series ‘Growth Mindset' (made in partnership with Stanford PERTS) and ‘Empathy’ (made in partnership with Harvard’s Making Caring Common), have been seen by 1 in 3 kids aged 5-14 in the US.

Our Timeline

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    Jun 2011

    Sam and Liam (ClassDojo’s co-founders) leave the UK to join Imagine K12’s inaugural class

  2. placeholder

    Aug 2011

    First version of ClassDojo launches! 80 teachers join in one week

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    Sep 2011

    After five weeks, more than 12,000 teachers have joined ClassDojo

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    Oct 2011

    After 10 weeks, 1% of all US teachers have joined ClassDojo (35,000 teachers)

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    Jan 2012

    ClassDojo goes international, with teachers translating it into 30 languages

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    Apr 2012

    ClassDojo expands to allow students to sign up

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    Sep 2012

    ClassDojo launches on iOS

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    Feb 2013

    ClassDojo launches on Android

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    Apr 2013

    ClassDojo receives Series A funding

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    Jan 2014

    ClassDojo launches ‘Messaging’, making classroom communication simple

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    Aug 2014

    ClassDojo Mentor program launches, connecting educators across schools

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    Feb 2015

    ClassDojo wins TechCrunch Crunchie for ‘Best Education Startup’

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    Sep 2015

    Class Story introduced. Allows teachers to share a stream of classroom moments with parents through photos, videos, and messages’

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    Sep 2015

    ClassDojo “Translate” launches, allowing messages to be translated into 35+ different languages’

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    Jan 2016

    ClassDojo debuts its first Original Series, ‘Big Ideas: Growth Mindset’, in collaboration with Stanford University’s PERTS lab

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    Feb 2016

    School Story launches, opening up communication to full-school sharing

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    Apr 2016

    2/3 of schools in the US active on ClassDojo, and ClassDojo reaches 180 countries

  18. placeholder

    Jul 2016

    Student Stories debuts: simple portfolios. Students can create personal timelines to reflect on, and share home

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    Oct 2016

    ‘Big Ideas’ Growth Mindset and Empathy video series now seen by 1 in 3 kids aged 5-14 in the US

Meet the team 😊

  • Chris O.

  • Jenna

  • Blake

  • Lexi

  • Paul

  • Gregg

  • Peter

  • Amy

  • Jet

  • Will

  • Nick

  • Liam

    Co-founder & CTO
  • Stuart

  • Chris F.

  • Danielle

  • Byron

  • Kim

    Customer Success
  • Manoj

  • Lindsay

  • Monica

  • JP

  • Ben

  • Sam

    Co-founder & CEO
  • Urjit


Ready to create incredible classrooms?

ClassDojo’s culture values empathy, long-term speed, ownership, continuous improvement and creativity. We welcome talented, driven people who care about improving education. We’re doing that today by changing how classrooms work, at scale. If this sounds exciting, we’d love to hear from you.